xPad Fund to Build on Coinweb: Making it the First Launchpad Partner in the Coinweb Ecosystem

Hong Kong, 10th May – Coinweb, a leader in layer 2 interoperability solutions, is delighted to announce the integration of xPad Fund on the Coinweb Protocol. xPad Fund, a universal launchpad spanning many blockchain networks, will harness Coinweb’s advanced cross-chain capabilities to empower projects, unlock innovation, and fuel growth within the blockchain space. xPad found marks the first launchpad building on Coinweb, and will help expand Coinweb’s ecosystem through a shared deal flow. Coinweb Labs have extended a grant to xPad Fund to expedite development.

Empowering Projects with xPad Fund

xPad Fund offers an all-encompassing solution for project launches, providing comprehensive services such as marketing, development, and strategic negotiations. With seamless integration across major blockchain networks and extended insurance features, xPad Fund ensures transparency, trust, and a unique launching experience for projects and investors alike. 

Key Features of xPad Fund:

  • Transparency and Trust: Secure and equitable project purchases tailored to user tiers within a decentralised framework.
  • Cross-Chain Integration: Effortless operations and compatibility with major chains for payments and support of L1 tokens to launch.
  • All-Chains Support: Focus on Coinweb-native tokens and beyond, offering projects a universal launchpad.
  • All-in-One Project Launch Experience: Comprehensive project services from inception to marketing and strategic partnerships.
  • Extended Investor Insurance: A specialised insurance policy evaluates token prices throughout the vesting schedule, creating win-win conditions for both projects and investors.

Enhanced Collaboration with Coinweb

The integration with Coinweb will harness the protocol’s unique features like blockchain agnostic token support and cross-chain payments, wallet library utilisation, enriching xPad Fund’s ability to deliver value across multiple chains.

“We’re excited to welcome xPad Fund to the Coinweb ecosystem,” said Toby Gilbert, CEO of Coinweb. “Their universal launchpad vision aligns perfectly with our interoperability solutions, creating an environment where projects can seamlessly scale and thrive.”

Building Synergy

The partnership between xPad Fund and Coinweb aims to establish a unified platform that supports and accelerates project growth in the blockchain ecosystem. Coinweb Labs has extended a grant to expedite the integration and development of xPad Fund within the Coinweb Protocol.

xPad Fund is designed to bring transparency and innovation to the evolving crypto landscape,” said Willy, CEO of xPad Fund. “Partnering with Coinweb amplifies our capabilities, allowing us to offer secure and equitable launch opportunities for projects on any chain, reinforcing our commitment to collaboration and growth.”

About xPad Fund
xPad Fund is a universal launchpad offering seamless integration across many blockchain networks. It empowers projects with comprehensive launching services and a unique insurance feature, ensuring transparency and growth within the crypto space.

About Coinweb
The Coinweb Protocol is a groundbreaking Layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that uniquely combines Scalability with Interoperability, setting new standards in the blockchain industry. It enables the seamless operation of decentralised applications across multiple blockchains, effectively merging them into a unified ecosystem. This innovative approach empowers developers to leverage the strengths and functionalities of each blockchain, optimising performance and versatility.

About Coinweb Labs
Coinweb Labs is a design and build consultancy specialising in creating custom-built solutions for decentralised applications interacting with the Coinweb Protocol. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Coinweb Labs is dedicated to accelerating the development of projects within the Coinweb ecosystem.

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