The Coinweb Labs ecosystem​

Coinweb Labs is a building a robust ecosystem of tools to help users and enterprise clients develop Blockchain Solutions for the everyday world.

Coinweb Wallet

The Coinweb Wallet allows anyone to create cross-chain tokens and send, receive and trade them with others. It offers fully integrated fiat ramps, non-custodial portfolio access and management, as well as real-time price data and market information.


LinkMint allows users, developers and businesses to create blockchain-agnostic tokens that can move across chains without requiring any coding knowledge. Its user-friendly portal lets users choose from a set of pre-designed tokens (inc. NFTs), smart contracts and liquidity structures and adjust each setting as needed, as well as design tokens and their functionality from scratch.


DeconX is a marketplace focusing on custom and newly minted Coinweb tokens where users will be able to perform atomic swaps in order to access broader exchanges and higher liquidity.


OnRamp is a digital payment infrastructure company, empowering retail users and businesses to access the crypto economy with seamless plug-and-play solutions to make fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat payments as easy and familiar as mainstream online banking.

BMW Loyalty Programme

Incentivising BMW Leasing (Thailand) Co,. Ltd customers with a blockchain-based rewards programme. Loyalty rewards are earned through various activities, and the rewards accumulation will determine an individual’s tier and rank in the ecosystem. 


Blockfort is a payment infrastructure company that enables easy ingress and egress for partners within the digital assets and e-sports fields.


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