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Coinweb Labs has allocated $10m for a grant programme that’s dedicated supporting founders and projects that enhance the Coinweb Protocol’s ecosystem.

Coinweb Labs has launched a grant programme for anyone contributing to the Coinweb Protocol. A scalable and interoperable layer-2 protocol.

We are excited to unveil a substantial grant program totalling $10 million. This initiative is aimed at developers who actively contribute to the creation and deployment of dApps and Web3 services on the Coinweb infrastructure platform.

Anyone can apply for a grant from Coinweb Labs. That includes individuals, independent teams, governments, nonprofits, companies, universities, and academics. The grants range from smaller one-off amounts to more substantial sums of up to $300,000, with the specific grant awarded depending on the category, type of dApp, and the developmental stage of the project.

This program is designed to foster innovation and support the growth of a diverse range of projects within the Coinweb ecosystem.

Below are a few of the categories of projects we’re interested in funding.

  • Cross-Chain Swaps
  • Blockchain Agnostic NFTs
  • NFT Marketplace
  • DEXs
  • Wallets
  • Liquidity Managers
  • DAOs
  • Web3 Games
  • Lending/Borrowing
  • RWA
  • Derivatives (inc LSDs)
  • Yield Aggregators

Grants are possible to apply to for both dApps in conceptual stage as well as dApps already in production.

Application: In your application, make sure to clarify how your project benefits the Coinweb Protocol and its community, typically by providing usable products that help increase liquidity and usage in the network. We encourage applicants to be thorough and concise in presenting their proposals.

Payments: Grants can be paid out in various ways, from small one-off amounts to larger milestone-based grant applications vested over a specific duration, such as X months or years.

Application Review: Our team will review all applications on a rolling basis, determine if more information is required, and then schedule a call with the team if necessary. At that point, we may revert with additional questions or ideas. Please ensure your application is complete and detailed for an expedited review.

Decision: Once Coinweb Labs has completed a thorough assessment of the project’s Grant Application, a formal proposal will be sent out to the project team for acceptance.

Grant Application Evaluation Criteria

At Coinweb Labs, we appreciate the diversity of ideas in grant applications and seek specific elements in potential grantees. When evaluating your project proposal’s alignment with Coinweb Labs’ criteria, ensure it meets the following conditions:

In the spirit of open collaboration, projects, even those not requiring code, should embrace the ethos of openly sharing insights for collective learning. Demonstrate your team’s execution capabilities by showcasing skills and potential, supported by examples of past successes. Thoughtfully outline the requested funding amount, providing a detailed breakdown of how these funds will enable you to achieve your project goals.

What Grants Are Not:

Coinweb Labs Grants are meant to expedite success through mutually beneficial incentives for individuals genuinely excited about the potential of open-source, decentralised blockchain technology, particularly in the context of Coinweb Protocol. We trust recipients to responsibly use and adhere to the intended purpose, refraining from any misuse or abuse of this support. While grants are available to venture-funded companies, they are not meant to entirely replace a round of funding. For general expenses, please refer to our “alternative funding” page below.

Coinweb Labs – Diversify Your Project’s Funding Sources

At Coinweb Labs, we empower projects with a variety of funding channels, ensuring they have the support they need to thrive in the Web3 space.

KuCoin Labs: KuCoin Labs have partnered with Coinweb to Streamline access to investment opportunities and listing recommendations at KuCoin exchange. Projects supported by Coinweb Labs will benefit from expedited access to investment and incubation opportunities from KuCoin Labs.

Venture Capital: Tap into our extensive network, connecting projects with venture capital firms specialised in Web3. From Web3 Game-specific VCs to the Investment Arms of Exchanges, we facilitate introductions that open doors to strategic investments. Explore success stories of projects we’ve guided through this funding avenue.

Angel Investors: Benefit from our vast network of individual angel investors passionate about supporting early-stage Web3 startups. Our angels not only provide financial backing but bring invaluable industry-specific expertise and networking opportunities to help propel your project forward.

Hackathons and Competitions: Excitingly, Coinweb Labs is gearing up to host its inaugural hackathon. For developers, this presents a golden opportunity. Participate and stand a chance to not only showcase your skills but also attract attention from investors, industry experts, and potential collaborators. Stay tuned for details on special categories, prizes, and unique opportunities that make this hackathon a must for your project.

Empower your Web3 project with diverse funding sources. Choose Coinweb Labs as your partner in growth.

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