SnegBet Partners with Coinweb to Pioneer New Frontiers in Crypto iGaming and Blockchain Integration

[Hong Kong, 15 April 2024] — SnegBet, a trailblazer in the blockchain-powered crypto iGaming sector, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Coinweb, a cutting-edge layer 2 interoperability protocol. This integration marks a significant enhancement in SnegBet’s platform capabilities and broadens its scope in the GameFi and DeFi spaces.

SnegBet’s platform integration with Coinweb introduces a groundbreaking approach to cross-chain functionality, allowing for the use of blockchain-agnostic tokens and NFTs. This collaboration enables seamless interactions across different blockchain networks, ensuring that users experience unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in their gaming and financial transactions.

Key Features of the SnegBet and Coinweb Integration:

  • Blockchain-Agnostic Assets: Users will now be able to enjoy the benefits of tokens and NFTs that operate fluidly across multiple blockchain environments.
  • Cross-Chain Functionalities: Through Coinweb’s technology, SnegBet will offer features such as cross-chain deposits, automatic reward distributions, and social mining tailored to specific user demographics and behaviours.
  • Enhanced GameFi and DeFi Options: The partnership facilitates innovative mechanisms such as token staking for rewards, NFT-based privileges, and cross-chain lending, expanding both gaming fun and financial opportunities.

“SnegBet’s commitment to providing a superior crypto iGaming experience is greatly strengthened through our partnership with Coinweb. By integrating these advanced blockchain solutions, we are not just enhancing our platform’s functionality but also setting new standards in the crypto iGaming industry,” said a represantative from SnegBet.

Anton, CMO at Coinweb Labs, commented, “This collaboration with SnegBet is a thrilling step for both companies. Coinweb’s technology is set to revolutionise how crypto iGaming platforms operate, introducing a level of interoperability that can significantly drive user engagement and platform growth.”

Additionally, SnegBet will utilise Coinweb’s technology to innovate in-app advertising, creating a model where casino affiliates and app developers can offer tokenised incentives directly within apps, thereby enhancing user engagement and advertising efficacy.

About SnegBet
SnegBet is an innovative crypto iGaming platform that integrates AI and blockchain technology to deliver a unique and enriched gaming experience. SnegBet is committed to advancing the crypto iGaming industry through its distinctive approach to gaming mechanics, player engagement, and compliance with AML & ATF standards.

About Coinweb
Coinweb is a leading layer 2 interoperability platform that is revolutionising the blockchain space. Its state-of-the-art protocol enables seamless interactions between decentralised applications across multiple blockchains, enhancing the scalability and efficiency of Web3 technologies.

About Coinweb Labs
Coinweb Labs, an integral part of the Coinweb ecosystem, specialises in developing customised solutions for decentralised applications utilising the Coinweb protocol. With a strong emphasis on innovation and practical implementation, Coinweb Labs is dedicated to accelerating the progress and adoption of interoperable blockchain solutions.

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