Renovi to Build on Coinweb to Revolutionise In-Game Advertising

[Hong Kong, 25 June 2024] – Coinweb, a leading Layer 2 interoperability platform, welcomes a new builder onto its protocol: Renovi, a pioneering Web3 immersive in-game advertising company. This integration represents a significant milestone in Coinweb’s mission to enhance and diversify its ecosystem with cutting-edge solutions for Web3 games. Coinweb Labs has extended a grant to accelerate Renovi’s development on the Coinweb Protocol.

Renovi, has an innovative approach to in-game advertising, that seamlessly integrates ads into gaming experiences on both Web2 and Web3 platforms. With the support of Coinweb, Renovi will leverage advanced blockchain technologies to revolutionise reward distribution in the gaming industry, creating a more robust and rewarding ecosystem for users worldwide. This partnership will transform Renovi’s platform by introducing cross-chain functionality, enabling features such as cross-chain token rewards, blockchain routing, and enhanced revenue generation through advertisements. Additionally, Renovi will benefit from Coinweb’s advanced reactive cross-chain smart contracts, enhancing interoperability and security.

“Partnering with Coinweb allows us to introduce unprecedented innovation to the gaming and advertising industries,” said Renovi’s CEO, Andy Charalambous. “This collaboration addresses key challenges in in-game advertising, offering groundbreaking solutions that will benefit players, developers, and advertisers alike.”

Through Coinweb’s advanced infrastructure, Renovi will facilitate seamless transactions and interactions across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and any chain connected to Coinweb. This integration includes the development of a centralised hub, the Renovi HUB, where rewards can be collected, in-game items can be purchased, and tokens can be sold. Coinweb’s support will enable Renovi to introduce innovative features such as earning L2 rewards through playing games on multiple chains.

Renovi has already achieved significant milestones, including integrating its platform across multiple gaming ecosystems and establishing partnerships with major brands. With a growing community and a strong focus on enhancing user experience, Renovi is set to redefine the future of in-game advertising.

“We are excited to welcome Renovi into our ecosystem,” said Anton, CMO at Coinweb Labs. “Their pioneering approach to immersive advertising, combined with our interoperability solutions, will set new benchmarks in the advertising space for Web3 Games, enhancing player engagement.”

About Renovi
Renovi is a forward-thinking in-game advertising company specialising in blending advertisements with the gaming experience on both Web2 and Web3 platforms. By focusing on seamless integration, Renovi ensures that advertisements are a natural part of the game, enhancing user experience and providing value to advertisers through meaningful connections with their audience. This innovative approach underlines Renovi’s commitment to improving game monetisation while maintaining the integrity of the gameplay experience.

About Coinweb
The Coinweb Protocol is a Layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that uniquely combines scalability with interoperability. It enables the seamless operation of decentralised applications across multiple blockchains, effectively merging them into a unified ecosystem. This innovative approach empowers developers to leverage the strengths and functionalities of each blockchain, optimising performance and versatility.

About Coinweb Labs
Coinweb Labs is the main contributor to the Coinweb Protocol and a design and build consultancy specialising in creating custom-built solutions for decentralised applications. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Coinweb Labs is dedicated to accelerating the development of projects within the Coinweb ecosystem.

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