Introducing the Coinweb Cartel: An Exclusive Circle for Our Esteemed Community

Coinweb is at an incredibly exciting time and we are standing at the forefront of championing interoperability and scalability. Our mission to seamlessly connect non-compatible blockchains and create a thriving ecosystem of dApps is moving forward at incredibly high pace. Today, Coinweb Labs is thrilled to unveil an initiative that celebrates and unites our most dedicated supporters: The Coinweb Cartel.

A Circle of Privilege

The Coinweb Cartel is not just an exclusive group; it’s a testament to the pioneering spirit of our community’s most affluential members. This circle of community members is designed to bring together individuals who share our vision of a boundless blockchain future and have demonstrated unwavering support for our platform.

Access to the Coinweb Cartel opens the door to a suite of unparalleled benefits within the Coinweb ecosystem. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Early-Stage Allocation Opportunities: Gain access to the forefront of innovation with the ability to invest in projects building on the Coinweb chain before anyone else.
  • Potential Whitelistings: Increase your chances of getting on the white list at certain launches within the Coinweb ecosystem.
  • Private Networking Events: Engage in high-level networking opportunities at private events exclusively for Cartel members, facilitating valuable connections and collaborations within the blockchain space.
  • Enhanced Airdrops: Benefit from larger airdrops than those distributed to the wider community, rewarding your commitment and investment in our vision.
  • Direct Access to Leadership: Enjoy a direct communication channel between you and the leadership team. 
  • Direct Ecosystem Involvement: Play a role in shaping the future of Coinweb by contributing ideas, feedback, and expertise to help drive the platform forward.
  • First Access to Critical Information: We will offer more detailed quarterly updates to our CWEB Cartel members. Stay ahead with privileged information about developments within the Coinweb ecosystem, directly from our leadership team.
  • VIP Event Experiences: Enjoy VIP tickets and exclusive access to events organised by Coinweb, from global conferences to intimate roundtables.

Are You Among the Chosen?

To mark the inception of the Coinweb Cartel, we will initiate the distribution of an exclusive NFT to each eligible token holder’s address around the 26th of March. This digital token is not only your key to accessing the myriad benefits of the Cartel but also a symbol of your pivotal role within the Coinweb community.

If you hold CWEB tokens, we want you to keep an eye on your CWEB ERC20 address for this unique NFT. Should you discover that you haven’t received it yet, this may be due to your wallet not being able to receive NFTs. Simply keep an eye on Etherscan or reach out to our dedicated support team, and we’ll ensure you’re rightfully acknowledged and onboarded into the Cartel.

Joining the Ranks

Becoming part of the Coinweb Cartel signifies more than exclusive perks; it represents a commitment to the future of the Coinweb ecosystem — a future we’re building together. If you meet the criteria but haven’t engaged with your invitation, we will encourage you to step forward and claim your rightful place among blockchain visionaries and pioneers as soon as possible.

For more information on the Coinweb Cartel and to initiate your journey with us, join our telegram. We’re here to welcome you into an era of unprecedented opportunity and collaboration.

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