Coinweb Welcomes Anarchy Game to Its Ecosystem

[Hong Kong, March 15, 2024] – Coinweb, a leading layer 2 interoperability platform, proudly announces integration and partnership with Anarchy Game, a revolutionary mobile multiplayer gaming platform. Anarchy Game has received a grant from Coinweb Labs to support this integration.

Anarchy Game, poised to redefine the gaming industry with its groundbreaking fusion of third-person gameplay, Web3 technology and sustainable Play & Earn economy, has chosen Coinweb as its strategic partner for blockchain integration. By leveraging Coinweb’s robust infrastructure and advanced features, Anarchy Game aims to enhance its gaming experience, introduce new functionalities, and foster a vibrant community of players by converting its Web2 game to Web3, all while ensuring a frictionless experience for users.

We’re thrilled to help Anarchy Game convert from being a Web2 game into being a Web3 and we welcome Anarchy Game to our ecosystem,” said Toby, CEO & Co-Founder at Coinweb. “Their innovative approach to mobile multiplayer gaming aligns perfectly with Coinweb’s vision of seamless user experience through interoperability and scalability for decentralised applications. We look forward to collaborating closely to bring their vision to life.

The Anarchy team boasts seasoned gaming professionals, including individuals with experience from EA Sports, Atari, Sony, and other industry giants.

Anarchy Game, backed by Polygon, will utilise Coinweb’s platform for technical support in blockchain integration, with Polygon as an anchor chain. This collaboration allows for cross-chain token issuance, gas fee abstraction, blockchain-agnostic NFTs, and fiat payments in dedicated markets. Further delivering on the promise of being Web2 gamer-friendly.

We’re excited to partner with Coinweb as we embark on this journey,” said Manish, Founder & CEO of Anarchy Game. “Together, we aim to revolutionise the gaming industry and create new opportunities for players worldwide.”

About Anarchy Game
Anarchy is poised to become a game-changer in mobile gaming. We’re crafting a unique mobile multiplayer battle royale shooter experience infused with the power of Web3. Their revolutionary Free to Play & Earn economy rewards your dedication and skills with valuable tokens and NFTs. Anarchy promises to be a highly engaging experience, merging the thrilling world of battle royale with the exciting possibilities of Web3. Get ready to claim your rewards and forge your legacy in every battle.

About Coinweb
The Coinweb Protocol is a groundbreaking Layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that uniquely combines Scalability with Interoperability, setting new standards in the blockchain industry. It enables the seamless operation of decentralised applications across multiple blockchains, effectively merging them into a unified ecosystem. This innovative approach empowers developers to leverage the strengths and functionalities of each blockchain, optimising performance and versatility.

About Coinweb Labs
Coinweb Labs is a design and build consultancy that specialises in creating custom-built and turnkey solutions for decentralised applications interacting with the Coinweb Protocol. Coinweb Labs has recently launched a $10m Grant Programme to help incentivise and accelerate the development of projects looking to build on the Coinweb Protocol.

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