Coinweb Announces Integration with Bounty Temple, Expanding Its GameFi Ecosystem

[Hong Kong, 17 April 2024] – Coinweb, a leading layer 2 interoperability platform, is delighted to announce its integration with Bounty Temple, the first Play-to-Earn Evolution (P2EE) GameFi project by Orasis Studio. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in Coinweb’s commitment to enhancing and diversifying its burgeoning ecosystem with innovative GameFi solutions. Coinweb Labs has extended a grant to expedite the development of Bounty Temple on the Coinweb protocol.

Bounty Temple, conceived by the visionary Orasis Studio, is poised to revolutionise the GameFi industry with its distinctive P2EE model. By integrating with Coinweb, Bounty Temple will harness cutting-edge blockchain technologies to boost game sustainability and player earnings, thereby creating a more robust ecosystem for users worldwide. The project is set to launch 100 interconnected games utilising the same governance token, $TYT, to ensure stability and resilience against market volatility.

“Partnering with Coinweb enables us to introduce a new dimension to gaming,” said Alton, CEO at Orasis Studio. “Through this collaboration, we aim to address prevalent issues within the GameFi space and offer groundbreaking solutions that benefit our players and the ecosystem at large.”

The partnership between Coinweb and Bounty Temple includes a comprehensive suite of technical integrations designed to enhance the gaming experience and streamline operations across blockchain networks. Through Coinweb’s advanced infrastructure, Bounty Temple will benefit from cross-chain token issuance and routing, enabling seamless transactions and interactions across multiple Layer 1 blockchains.

This will facilitate features such as customised reactive cross-chain smart contracts, gas fee abstraction, and significant cost reductions on transactions, depending on volume. Moreover, the integration encompasses the development of a specialised marketplace with fiat payment options, promoting wider accessibility and user engagement. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Bounty Temple into our ecosystem,” said Anton, CMO at Coinweb. “Their pioneering approach to GameFi, together with our advanced blockchain solutions, will establish new benchmarks in gaming and blockchain integration, enhancing both player engagement and investment security.”

The collaboration will also focus on enhancing player interactions through innovative features such as staking of NFTs, in-game marketplace contracts, and competitive earn contracts, all aimed at enriching the user experience and promoting a sustainable play-to-earn model.

About Bounty Temple
Bounty Temple by Orasis Studio is the pioneer in Play-to-Earn Evolution (P2EE) gaming, aiming to launch a series of interconnected games with unified governance through its $TYT token. The platform focuses on creating a sustainable gaming environment that is fun, accessible, and rewarding for players of all ages.

About Coinweb
The Coinweb Protocol is a groundbreaking Layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that uniquely combines Scalability with Interoperability, setting new standards in the blockchain industry. It enables the seamless operation of decentralised applications across multiple blockchains, effectively merging them into a unified ecosystem. This innovative approach empowers developers to leverage the strengths and functionalities of each blockchain, optimising performance and versatility.

About Coinweb Labs
Coinweb Labs is a design and build consultancy that specialises in creating custom-built and turnkey solutions for decentralised applications interacting with the Coinweb Protocol. Coinweb Labs has recently launched a $10m Grant Programme to help incentivise and accelerate the development of projects looking to build on the Coinweb Protocol.

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