Academic Labs to Build on Coinweb: Elevating AI-Powered Learning on the Blockchain

Hong Kong, 19th April – Coinweb, a leader in layer 2 interoperability solutions, is delighted to announce its latest integration with Academic Labs, a pioneering educational platform that integrates adaptive AI with Web3 technology. This partnership will leverage Coinweb’s advanced cross-chain capabilities to enhance the learning experience through personalised, gamified, and NFT-based educational journeys. Coinweb Labs has extended a grant to expedite the development of Academic Labs on the Coinweb Protocol.

Academic Labs is at the forefront of educational innovation, utilising AI to tailor learning content to individual student needs and motivations. The integration with Coinweb introduces groundbreaking features such as Cross-Chain Token Issuance and Routing, Load Balancing Across Multiple Layer 1 Protocols, and Gas Fee Cost-Cutting, which are instrumental in building a more accessible and efficient learning platform.

Students using Academics Labs can earn $AAX tokens and various NFTs like Learner NFTs and Achievement NFTs as they progress, which provide tangible proof of their educational achievements on the blockchain. Educators are also rewarded with Educator NFTs, acknowledging their contributions and granting them ownership of the educational content and revenue streams from content subscriptions.

“Academic Labs is committed to reshaping education by harnessing the potential of AI and blockchain technology to offer a personalised and rewarding learning experience,” said Terry, CEO of Academic Labs. “Our partnership with Coinweb is a key step towards making education more engaging, transparent, and accessible worldwide. By integrating these advanced technologies, we empower students and educators alike, providing a robust platform for educational achievement and innovation.”

Toby Gilbert, CEO of Coinweb, expresses his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are excited to partner with ACAD Labs to integrate our robust cross-chain technology into an educational platform. This partnership is not just about technological integration but also about creating real value for learners and educators by merging AI-driven education with the blockchain’s transparency and security.”

The integration also includes a dedicated Marketplace, support for Fiat Payments, and enhanced liquidity access through Coinweb PACTs, ensuring optimal security and capital efficiency for all users.

Academic Labs and Coinweb are also planning joint marketing initiatives to promote this new integrated platform to a global audience, emphasising the enhanced learning opportunities it offers.

About Academic Labs
Academic Labs revolutionises learning with AI personalisation, matching educational content to student needs. It incentivises achievement with its own AAX token economy and pioneers content ownership through NFTs. Secure, transparent blockchain records validate each learner’s journey, making every achievement credible and clear.

About Coinweb
The Coinweb Protocol is a groundbreaking Layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that uniquely combines Scalability with Interoperability, setting new standards in the blockchain industry. It enables the seamless operation of decentralised applications across multiple blockchains, effectively merging them into a unified ecosystem. This innovative approach empowers developers to leverage the strengths and functionalities of each blockchain, optimising performance and versatility.

About Coinweb Labs
Coinweb Labs is a design and build consultancy specialising in creating custom-built solutions for decentralised applications interacting with the Coinweb Protocol. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Coinweb Labs is dedicated to accelerating the development of projects within the Coinweb ecosystem.

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