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Coinweb Labs is a boutique incubation environment and the main contributor to the Coinweb Protocol.

An incubator one-stop shop

Coinweb Labs is a boutique incubation service built on top of the Coinweb Layer 2 cross-chain computation platform that has already delivered a number of projects successfully to the market. The core focus is to advise, build and ship products enabling low-level touch points with the technology. Building on top of the Coinweb protocol delivers flexibility, mitigates risk and cuts down costs considerably for anyone that wants to build blockchain-related applications.

Services range from token design/issuance advisory, wallet build and delivery, compliance & operational support, third-party integrations (custody, liquidity, fraud detection, KYC, AML etc.) amongst many others.

See what’s being built

The Coinweb Wallet allows anyone to securely store, send, receive, trade and buy the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. In the Coinweb Wallet users can design, set up and issue their own cross-chain tokens with our simple no-code built-in tokenisation platform. Tokens created in the wallet can be edited and managed in our intuitive cross-chain tokenisation platform, LinkMint. All created tokens can later be listed and traded in our simple Coinweb Native DEX, DeconX.

Coinweb Labs’ LinkMint enables easy creation of blockchain-agnostic tokens, including NFTs and smart contracts, without any coding knowledge. Users can design tokens with unique functionalities, including gas fee abstraction, fostering greater adoption by removing complex UX. Once created, these assets can be seamlessly traded across chains and integrated with DEXs and dApps, bridging users to the extensive benefits of the blockchain while minimising risks.

DeconX, integrated within the Coinweb ecosystem, simplifies token swaps and fosters dApps on Coinweb Layer 2. Its core mechanism facilitates gas fee abstraction, automating transaction fee payments across multiple blockchains. Leveraging DeconX’s framework, smart contracts ensure smooth blockchain interactions. Future iterations will unlock cross-chain liquidity pools and yield opportunities via Coinweb dApps and DeFi protocols, extending support to other L2 and L1 tokens.

Why build on Coinweb?


Coinweb’s consensus-free interoperability guarantees consistency and eradicates security concerns found in other solutions.


Experience remarkable savings of up to 90% on Gas Fees and a 10x increase on Max TPS for your dApp and it’s users through Coinweb’s Protocol.


Launch dApps as a blockchain-agnostic application using Coinweb, eliminating the risk of being tethered to a single chain.

Toby Gilbert


Knut Arne Vinger


Andrew Chilcott


Anton Roos


Alexander Kjeldaas

Lead Architect

Alejandro Pallares

Lead Developer


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